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As a dog owner and someone who used to be a
frequent traveler, I was always stressed about what
to do with my dogs while I was away. After searching for a family member or friend to take them in, I always ended up reluctantly boarding them and cried all the way to the airport. I could never find a place that made me feel comfortable or that seemed perfect for my, albiet, spoiled dogs. This was the catalyst for opening Broadview Acres Resort.

I have loved and cared for dogs as long as I can remember, so turning this passion into a career only seemed natural.

Growing up on a farm surrounded by horses, sheep, pigs, goats, cats, chickens and of course a multitude of dogs has provided me considerable experience dealing with the everyday needs of our guests here at Broadview Acres.

I currently reside on site at the Lordstown location with my husband, two children, and a multitude of pets!

-Carrie Singleton

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